The AARA 2013 Field Day activities took place on Saturday and Sunday June 22-23, at the Gossen Memorial 
		Park Green Room in Rayne, Louisiana.
		Our Field Day Chairperson for this year was Archie Hill W5AG who spent a lot of time and work putting 
		everything in order.
		We competed in class 2A with two HF rigs using the call W5DDL and a GOTA station using W5EXI. All the 
		computers for each station were networked together (thanks to Larry KE5KJD) and using the Field Day 
		Logging Software by N3FJP. Around 825 phone contacts and another 140 CW were made.
		Thanks to Dave Redfearn N4ELM who tuned up Archie's home brew HF triplexer and the previous AARA club 
		provider of band pass filters for the 15, 20, and 40 m bands we were able to operate two radios at the 
		same time using the tri-bander antenna and another radio using either the 2-L 40m beam antenna or the 
		80m wire dipole.
		We estimate that the following were major SSB-Phone contributors: Tom W5OHJ, Jess KF5LUL, Nick KE5MWX, 
		Mark W5GTI, Galen KF5BET, Abbi KF5BEW, Kendra KF5FYS, Glen KF5FNP, Danny KD5JSM, and Larry KE5KJD. Roger 
		Hoskins W5QEP and Archie W5AG made CW contacts. Nick Pugh K5QXJ arranged for us to use the Children's 
		Museum Kenwood TS-2000 radio and obtained his wife JoAnn KE5RPL’s Flex 1500 radio which has the pan 
		adapter frequency spectrum display. This display showed the effectiveness of the band pass filters.
		Larry KE5KJD and Sandy KE5KJF Leblanc's food team did an excellent job. In particular we would like to 
		thank Paula Romero KF5CNS, Gena Faulk, and Kathy Daigle KD5TJZ for helping with the meals and snacks. 
		Roland Guidry NA5Q assisted with arranging for use of the Green Room facility and will be handling the 
		QSL card acknowledgements generated by the 965+ QSO’s.
		On behalf of the club, the AARA members wish to thank Rayne Mayor, Honorable Roland Boudreaux, for use 
		of the Green Room on a no-cost non-profit group basis.
		Photos provided by Glen Thibodeaux KF5FNP & Herman Campbell KN5GRK.
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