The Acadiana Amateur Radio Association, Inc. W5EXI repeater is located about 2 miles NNE 
of Duson, Lousiana on the KRVS-FM standby tower for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette 
     Plans are in operation that KRVS will install a new transmitter at this site as soon as 
a new building is constructed.  Also in the plans is to have fiber optics to this site so that 
our EchoLink will not have to be operated from a remote computer and 2 meter transceiver.

Here are the stats:
Antenna:  DB-224 @ 327 feet fed by 7/8 hardline.
TX/RX:  2 each Motorola GM300
Duplexer:  4 notch pass
Controller:  Link Communications Model RLC-2A
Output Frequency: 147.040 +  @ 45 watts
PL Tone:  103.5
EchoLink Node: 370324 operated from a remote computer and a Icom 2200H 2 meter transceiver 
located at Nick Pugh's K5QXJ office.

     On Sunday April 5, 2009 a antenna party took place at 1:00 PM to repair the DB-224 which 
was blown off alignment during Hurricane Gustov. Below are some pictures that was taken during 
this time.
     After rounding up a crew and waiting for proper weather, Wayne Morton W5YNE supervised 
this antenna project and had these words to say about the tower climber.
     Randall Magnon was the guy who climbed and corrected the antenna. I have known Randall  
since 2004 when he was introduced to my tower crew (I was lead hand at the time). After a 
few disagreements, we learned to work together and have been best of friends since... Randall 
being Randall refused to let me climb because I was the ole man who showed him the ropes, 
which assisted him to become a top tower hand. Randall did this as a return favor to his old mate. 
At the present time I am trying to get Randall into amateur radio.

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April 22, 2009

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