Friday Night:
CRAWFISH BOIL AND CAJUN MUSIC (Fais-Do-Do) - Friday 6:00 PM for Crawfish Boil - 7:00 PM for Cajun Music.


Nick Pugh K5QXJ will again be in charge of the “Fox Hunt” Saturday afternoon. A nice prize will be awarded to the winner.
So be sure to bring your HT’s and antenna and see how good you are at locating the “Fox” hidden somewhere at the hamfest location.


     Saturday from 0830 to 1130, Ladies Bingo will take place.  $20.00 gets you into the Bingo Hall with  2 cards (exchangeable during bingo) and 20 extra tickets for bingo drawings.  There are 40 GREAT bingo prizes and 12 extra prizes that will be drawn during bingo.  Come out and pass a good time for 3 hours of fun..

     Also as in years past, the AARA Ladies from Hi Q Sweets will make a few rounds through the bingo room with refreshments.

                      Bingo hosted by:  Sandra Allen - XYL of John Allen NØJA, Ramona Jobe KG5HNO & Dee Dischler - XYL of Tom Dischler W5OHJ.

LADIES Hi Q SWEETS (AARA Club Ladies - All day Friday and Saturday, the Hi Q Sweet Ladies will  
                          be serving a variety of homemade cookies, cakes, brownies, fudge, etc. along with soft drinks
                          (regular and diet), bottled water and coffee.
FREE TAILGATING - Tailgating available in a designated area in front of the Rayne Civic Center building on a
First come / First Served Basis.
RADIO TESTING TABLE - When you purchase a radio and would like to make sure it works, bring it to the
                         testing table. Equipment will be available to check it out to make sure it works.
- Bring your kits to put on display to others. Make sure you label your equipment so others 
                         will know who belongs to the kits and who to direct questions they may have.
ICS-100, 200, 700 - Training - FREE ADMISSION (only 25 seats available) - 0800 Friday March 8, 2019 -
                         Skip Breeden - LA DOTD Director of Emergency Operations. To reserve a seat contact: 
BASIC SKYWARN TRAINING - BINGO ROOM Saturday March 9th 1230 - 1330 by Ed Roy WA5TNK.
RV CAMPING - Those arriving between March 8th & March 11th, 2019 should call the Rayne City Hall
                        (337) 334-3121 upon arrival in Rayne and request a parking space. Inform them that you are 
the AARA Hamfest. Someone will meet with you to assign a parking space for your RV. 
                       $20.00 full hookups per night. http://www.w5ddl.org/hamfest/rvinfo.htm
Elecraft® Table -
This year the club is again sponsoring an Elecraft® Volunteer table. Elecraft® will be
                       banners and equipment brochures.
David Assaf III  W5XU - will be doing a lecture on some of his outstanding DXpeditions in the Forums section on
                        Saturday at 1100.

Cafe CQ Menu (Concession Stand Refreshments)
Catering by Rene Prejean

CAFE CQ MENU (Refreshments)
Friday March 8th

6:00 PM - Boiled Crawfish, Corn, Potato, Dip, Trays and Napkin $24.00 Per 4 lb. order (+/- depending upon market price). Must pre-register by March 5th.
$8.00 Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Rice, Potato
Salad for those not eating crawfish.
                                                                                        Saturday March 9th
Lunch (10:30)

$9.00 Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya, Corn, Cole Slaw, BBQ Pork Chop
$9.00 Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Rice, Potato Salad
$6.00 6 oz. Hamburger, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Condiments With Chips Add .50 for Cheese
$7.00 BBQ Sausage Poboy with Chips
                                                                              Open For Suggestions on other Menu Items

                                                                           Saturday Breakfast (08:00) by Hi-Q Sweets Shop
Coffee, Donuts, and other delights.

Updated: 2/22/2019