Emergency Communications


(Last updated 11/23/21)

Acadiana VHF/UHF EMCOMM Channel List (7/13/21)   (PDF)  (XLS)  (CSV)

The files found at the links above were created to provide area hams with a list of repeaters and auxiliary frequencies that can be referred to by a common "channel number" or "channel name".  Although the list focuses primarily on the Acadiana area of GOHSEP Region 4, it includes repeaters in other areas of the state that operators may wish to monitor if they are in those areas during emergency situations.  Repeater settings change over time so please confirm they are correct if you get a chance to visit various locations.  Please report any necessary revisions to webmaster@w5ddl.org. 

LA GOHSEP Region 4 HF Channel List (8/26/21)   (PDF)  (XLS)  (CSV)

The files found at the links above provide area operators with a list of HF frequencies that will most likely be used by GOHSEP, local EOC's and other response organizations in GOHSEP Region 4 during an emergency situation.  The frequencies on this list are group by frequency band and are assigned "channel numbers" to help facilitate easier reference to over the radio.  Additional information regarding the general users of a frequency and operating modes for the digital frequencies is also included where appropriate.  These frequencies are always subject to change and this list should be considered as only a guide. 

ICS 213 - General Message Forms (8/26/21)   (PDF)  (DOCX)

This form can be used to send information between GOHSEP, local EOC's and other agencies during an emergency event.

GOHSEP Resource Request Forms (8/2/21)   (PDF)  (TXT)

During emergencies, local governmental agencies can request resources from GOHSEP using these forms.  When internet connectivity exists between GOHSEP and the requesting agency, the requesting agency will normally submit their request directly using the WebEOC system within GOHSEP.  The TXT and PDF versions of the form can be used to submit a request to GOHSEP over HF radio frequencies.  The PDF form is a guide to the information that should be transmitted for each line of the TXT form.


     Acadiana SKYWARN / EMCOMM Frequencies and Map (PDF)

     SKYWARN Severe Weather Net Activation Recording - April 2, 2017 (mp3)

     SKYWARN Hail Size and Wind Speed Indicator Guidelines (PDF)

Miscellaneous EMCOMM Information (11/23/21)

     NVIS Antenna Design - W5JCK (PDF)

     NVIS Propagation Conditions (Region 6 Army MARS)

     Understanding HF Propagation and Reading Ionograms (Youtube)

     YouTube video on how to use an ionogram to determine the critical frequency
    for use with NVIS propagation.

     ARMY MARS - SWEAT Infrastructure Assessment Contingency Plan (PDF)

Guidelines for how MARS gathers technical information on the condition and capacity of existing public systems, municipal services, and facilities within an assigned area of operations.

Winlink Radio E-mail System

     WinLink E-mail System (WinLink.org)

     WinLink Training Videos by Rick Frost K4REF (YouTube)

FLDIGI Digital Communications Software

     File Download Site (Sourceforge.net)

     Setup Information (PDF)

Hurricane Michael - 2018

     Alachua County ARES After Action Report (PDF)

     Florida SERT After Action Report (PDF)

     North Florida ARRL After Action Report (PDF)

     Excerpt from ARES E-letter November 2018 (PDF)

Hurricane Irma - 2017

     Alachua County ARES After Action Report (PDF)

Hurricane Andrew - 1992

     In Andrews Wake - QST December 1992 (PDF)

Hurricane Carla - 1961

     Hurricane Carla Report - Dept of Defense 1961 (PDF)