License Exam


To obtain a new, or upgrade an existing, amateur radio license you must successfully pass the appropriate exam as administered in an ARRL sponsored VE Exam session.  The information listed below is intended to help identify the information, documents and procedures that are needed to participate in an ARRL sponsored VE Exam session. 



The AARA offers a testing session prior to most general meetings. Check the Calendar for Information. Information is also available at and



Information on what to bring to a VE Exam session can be found at

Federal Registration Number (FRN)

Prior to attending an exam session, you must obtain a Federal Registration Number (FRN) from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Once you are issued a FRN, it is valid for all future exam sessions and license applications. 

You will need to provide this FRN on FCC Form 605 described below.

You can request a FRN from the FCC at

Please note that the FCC now requires an email address to be on file with them by providing it when you request a FRN.  If you have an existing FRN for which no email address was provided, you will need to provide an email address on Form 605 described below.


FCC Form 605 & Schedule D

At the exam session you will need to submit FCC Form 605 Main Form and Schedule D.  Copies of those documents can be downloaded at the following:

Form 605 (Main Form) -

Form 605 (Schedule D) -


FCC Felony Documentation

If you answer YES to Question 28 (Basic Qualifications) on Form 605, you will be required to provide additional documentation explaining the circumstances when you submit your application to the FCC.  DO NOT PRESENT THIS INFORMATION AT THE EXAM SESSION OR TO THE EXAM TEAM.

Additional information regarding how to handle this documentation can be found at


Photocopy of Existing License (or CSCE)

If you are upgrading an existing amateur license, you must provide a PHOTOCOPY of your current amateur license (or corresponding CSCE) at the time of the exam.  This photocopy will be retained by the VE examiners so do not submit the original.  A photocopier WILL NOT be available at the exam session so you must bring a photocopy with you.


Photo Identification

At the exam you will need to present a photo ID (i.e. drivers license, passport, school ID) adequately identifying the individual taking the exam.


License Fee

Prior to taking the exam you will need to pay the appropriate examination fee.  Payment can be made in CASH or by CHECK made payable to the ARRL.  Current exam fees can be found at



Exam participants may bring a NON-PROGRAMMABLE calculator to the exam session if they so desire.